This free ebook has been created for those who are new to the zero waste movement and curious to learn what it’s really about and how to get started. In this book, we delve into the 5Rs of low waste living, specifically refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling and letting rot. We also examine privilege and barriers to reaching zero waste ideal goals. You’ll learn that zero waste living is so much more than simply focusing on fitting your year’s trash in a Mason Jar. 


Explore the essence of zero-waste living with our comprehensive introductory ebook. Discover practical insights and actionable steps to start your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Learn about the foundational principles of reducing waste through the 5Rs—refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling, and rot. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, benefits, and achievable goals in the zero-waste movement. Dive into valuable tips and strategies for minimizing waste in your daily life, fostering a more eco-friendly and mindful approach to living