This 235-page guide is your ultimate resource for thriving off of the waste stream. If you’re curious about minimizing your environmental impact by adopting a secondhand lifestyle, you’ll find your answers here. Written by a woman who acquires 90% of her belongings secondhand, you’ll learn everything about thrifting, trading, renting, sharing, swapping, selling, donating, repairing, and creative reuse. You’ll develop the confidence to smartly and safely find pre-loved clothing, shoes, books, electronics, furniture, plants, kid’s gear, pet supplies, bikes, and cars. Discover how to apply secondhand philosophy even to eating, event planning, and home water systems. Become knowledgeable about all the thrifting mistakes to avoid.

Secondhand Living Ebook


Minimize your environmental impact. Support a circular economy by acquiring items secondhand & from recycled materials.

Fully thrive from the waste stream. Learn our tricks to getting practically everything secondhand including clothing, cars & food.

Creative ways to reuse, repair, share, and trade. Curious about upcycling items, how to organize swaps, or where to borrow a pasta maker?

Avoid rooky mistakes. Learn about infested furniture, unsafe helmets, lead in antiques, stolen goods, etc.

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