Presenting the eco-friendly period guide every menstruator deserves. Want to menstruate without trashing the plant or using toxic hygiene products? This 140-page guide helps you navigate the pros and cons of plastic-free or reusable period management options from menstrual cups, to period underwear, cloth pads, tampons, and the free-flow method. And if menstrual pain is a dang pain in your uterus, you’ll enjoy our science-backed techniques and herbal remedies to curb your symptoms.

Zero Waste Period Ebook


Ditch single-use plastic-filled menstrual products. Review all the alternatives available on the market.

Ecological & health impacts of menstrual products. Analyze conventional products and unique alternatives that may be green but aren’t safe.

Safe, eco-friendly menstrual product alternatives. How to use menstrual cups, cloth pads, period underwear, the free flow method, and more.

Menstrual pain. Science-backed techniques and herbal remedies to curb your period symptoms.

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