This 309-page illustrated ebook is designed for those who want to start making their own herbal remedies to treat common ailments like colds, pain, indigestion, anxiety, trouble sleeping or skin issues. The guide delves into the properties and safety profiles of medicinal herbs, and explores the science behind the efficacy of these plants. Discover when and how to use common medicinal herbs and how to extract the medicinal properties of plants with various solvents. Learn how to make your own medicinal syrups, salves, tinctures, infusions, compresses, vinegar concoctions, and much more.

Herbal Remedies Ebook


Make herbal concoctions at home. From medicinal syrups, to salves, tinctures, infusions, compresses, and more.

Identify when and how to use herbs. Learn how to extract the medicinal properties of plants with solvents.

Scientific studies. Learn about the safety profiles of medicinal herbs and the science behind their efficacy.

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