This 260-page reference book is your complete guide to natural cleaning in your home. Packed with over 100 zero waste cleaning recipes & hacks, you’ll learn to effectively sanitize your home without compromising your health or trashing the planet! Whether you’re looking for easy & accessible recipes, or you’re ready to go foraging for saponin-rich plants to make your own cleaners, this book walks you through your DIY projects with clear step-by-step instructions.


Over 100 DIY recipes & hacks for cleaning. Safely clean your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and living areas.

A complete cleaning program. Includes convenient checklists, schedules, lists of cabinet essentials, a product guide, handy charts, and homeplay exercises.

Zero waste cleaning tips & off-the-grid cleaning skills. You won’t find this much detail in any other cleaning book!

Background on toxic chemicals. Learn about the health risks & environmental pollution of conventional cleaning ingredients.

No more greenwashing B.S.! We call out ingredients and products falsely advertised as green or safe.

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