This 418-page reference book is your comprehensive guide to environmental activism to help you scale up your engagement for people and planet. Learn about top environmental challenges, including deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change and environmental justice. Determine the importance of personal lifestyle changes, and how to scale them up, analyzing issues like diet, trash, composting, greening your home, travel, education, work, and important questions about money like what our purchases are supporting, how we’re donating, who our banks are supporting, and what our investments are financing. Flesh out strategies for addressing the root of the environmental crisis. Learn about campaigning, symbolic actions vs. political actions, legal protests vs. civil disobedience, voting and lobbying. Reflect on how to influence businesses, volunteer, and educate about the environment. Learn about how a regenerative culture can help cope with eco-anxiety. 

Environmental Activism Ebook


Top ecological challenges. Examine environmental justice, deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change.

Personal lifestyle changes. From small everyday steps, to switching banks, greening your home and your job.

Updating our Activist Software. Topics include: comfort zone, political expression vs. action, civil disobedience, and radicalism.

Forms of Activism. Learn about campaigning, protesting, eco-politics, influencing businesses, volunteering, etc.

Regenerative culture. Explore mental health concerns relating to the eco-crisis & how to build emotional resilience.

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